For your all comfort PLUGS® designed a simple and smart entertainment Solution allowing you to manage your home entertainment system from your pc, iPad, or smart phone.

With Plugs® home entertainment solution use your network attached storage (NAS) to let everyone share saved content, photos, videos or personal documents to your NAS device from the family PC or any wireless connected device.

Media Streaming NAS devices allows you to stream saved videos, music and photos to your entertainment center so you can enjoy them on your network enabled LCD with your sound system all from the comfort of your couch.

Media Streaming NAS devices can be accessed remotely, so you access all your data from any internet device all over the world.



  •  Simply integrated with your home network to centralize your personal files, videos, music and pictures.
  • Network attached storage solution offers your personal life a complete data protection solution for your peace of mind.
  • Network attached storage solution serves your personal needs by enabling anytime, anywhere remote access to all your information via your laptop or on the go via your smart phones.
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