To make business monitoring a truly simple experience, PLUGS® created simple security and monitoring solutions (wireless/wired) specially tailored for your own convenience so you can access live video feed of your business place remotely from any Internet-connected device (i.e. computer, iPhone®, iPad® and any other internet devices) anytime and anywhere. For your business, knowing what’s happening in your storefront, warehouse, or parking lot at all times can make all the difference in your company’s physical and financial security.

With a PLUGS® tailored surveillance solution, you will be able to monitor your business operations and manage multiple sites from a central location over the IP network you already have in place.

Monitoring and security networking for business, offers a wide range of IP surveillance solutions designed for your organizational needs. organizations from different industries monitor their premises including, campuses, parking lots and driveways, hotels, cafeterias and restaurants, receptionist areas, corridors, and warehouses, improves safety, and monitor valuable assets.


  • Operate and control up to 64 cameras from a single application.
  • Access live video of your business from anywhere, over the Internet.
  • Receive automatic alerts (including real-time video) on your PC or 3G mobile phone if motion is detected on your premises.
  • Locate specific dates, times, or incidents in video archives quickly and easily, instead of having to manually pore over hours of analog video.
  • Cost-effectively add new cameras, video storage, and security applications as the business evolves.
  • Store video as digital files on a Small Business network attached storage solution designed to easily integrate with your video surveillance system.