Network Storage server is a computing device that can be attached anywhere on a network. Its sole purpose is to store files and make them available to authorized network users. Network Storage devices offer a number of benefits over alternative storage methods. Clients can directly access the storage device, independent of a specific network or application server, thereby enhancing overall network performance, while improving storage accessibility.

Achieved Benefits

The solution helps you integrating the network at your workplace which leads to storage centralization for all your files. The solution also ensure the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is safe and secure through the complete data protection offered by the solution. You can stay connected to your business area 24/7 through remote access to the solution


  • Simply integrated with your office network to centralize your business files.
  • Mass network storage server offers your business a complete data protection solution for your peace of mind.
  • Mass network storage server enhances your business efficiency and productivity by enabling anytime, anywhere remote access to your business information using secure access to your company files through any internet connected device without the complexity and expense of a VPN solution.

IP Telephony

Traditional telephony service created the standard for communications, but limited capabilities when next-generation technologies emerged. With the introduction of IP phone systems, consumers found not only cost savings, but also a whole list of services not available on old analog phone systems, including better service, better features such as text messaging, and now video calling.

IP Phone solutions offer a complete solution to customers who want all PBX features to be supported in one solution. IP Phone solutions are suitable for use in all business environments ranging from home offices to small- and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations


  • IP phone can be easily setup to any data wall jack in the network and it maintains its profile, speed dials, and user settings Consolidation.
  • Reduces the cost to integrate the phone and applications running on your computer allowing you to click to dial from Microsoft Outlook, receive incoming call notifications on your computer, and tightly integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software.